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Put your creative flow to good use at…simply upload an image and link it to any site you wish. Just make sure you have permission! The more compelling the image…the more traffic you’ll get!


People are always curious to know “what’s in an image”…


Step A – Preparation


1. Join free – Login – Open this page in a fresh window – follow instructions carefully or links won’t work properly!

2. Select – TINYURL from menu – enter a web site address – from save your newly converted mystery tinyurl

3. Select ‘JOIN FREE’ from menu – if still logged in you will now see Hoppics (top left) – Select ‘Dashboard’ to open

4. Decide whether you wish to link to a single image off-site of or link to a video off-site

5. If linking to a video off-site then skip Step B – go straight to Step C


Step B – Linking To An Image – off-site of!


1. Because you are linking to an image – mouse over ‘Posts’ – then select ‘Add New’

2. You should only have to set ‘screen options’ one time only – check when adding new posts though, just to make sure!

3. Select ‘screen options’ (top right) – Tick every box – those that are disallowed won’t show anyway – close it again

4. ‘Enter Title Here’ – Add short title – click ‘save draft’ – edit ‘Permalink’ if you wish – separate each word with a dash

5. Unselect ‘uncategorized’ – Select 1 category – to keep Hoppics useable, non relevant choices are removed – click ‘save your draft’!

6. Add tags – separate with commas – rubbish tags & offensive tags can get you banned – so be wise! – click ‘save your draft’!

7. For this next step – if you already have images in your library use ‘Upload Files’ – otherwise use ‘Insert Media’

8. Select ‘Add Media’ button – (above the editor) – then click ‘Insert Media’ – found in the left menu of the pop up

9. Under the tab ‘Media Library’ choose ‘Select Files’ to upload your image – your image is added to the Media Library

10. Once uploaded your new image will have a tick – If ‘Attachment Details’ isn’t showing to the right click your image

11. Enter your ‘Title’ – ‘Caption’ – ‘Alt Text’ – ‘Description’ – Keep your description short – no links here…only words

12. Enter your ‘Custom Link Url’ – the web site that you want to open in a fresh window – when your image is clicked on!


THIS NEXT STEP IS IMPORTANT – If not done correctly your image will not open in a fresh window at all!


13. Enter the ‘Custom Link Target’ – NOTE: It MUST be set to ‘NEW WINDOW OR TAB’ or it will only re-link to your image!

14. Leave Alignment set to ‘None’ – The web site will then allow for alignment of ‘sharethis’ media buttons correctly!

15. ‘Link To’ – NOTE: Again this step is SO important – MUST be set to ‘Custom URL’ then ADD your link again underneath!

16. ‘Size’ – NOTE: It MUST be ‘Thumbnail 150 x 150’ – otherwise thumbnail won’t be created – our site relies on this!

17. Double check steps 11 – 15 again – these MUST be correct! Once satisfied then click on ‘Insert Into Post’ – save your draft!


THIS NEXT STEP IS IMPORTANT – If not done correctly your image will not open in a fresh window at all!


18. Click on the image you added to the post – then click the pencil symbol – a new pop up frame will open

19. ‘Settings’ – align = (‘None’) ~ ‘Size’ = (‘Thumbnail – 150 x 150’) – ‘Link To’ = (‘Custom URL’) – must only show a Tiny Url!

20. Scroll down – under ‘Advanced Options’ tick the box ‘Open link in a new window/tab’ – MUST be set or image link fails!

21. NOTE: All other settings were done – nothing else required here – just the above step! Disregard the blank boxes!

22. Hit ‘Update’ – you’ll return to the editing platform – Click ‘Save Draft – then ‘Preview’ – usually opens in fresh window

23. Once the ‘Preview’ of your Draft is opened – test it out using the ‘Preview’ post – click the image you added to your post

24. If you’ve done everything correctly – the website you added should open in a fresh window – once you’re happy click ‘Publish’!

25. NOTE: If the web site that should be opening doesn’t open in a fresh window on the ‘Preview’ post there’s something wrong!

26. If this happens – check all steps again – still not working then change the name of your image and start again from scratch!


THIS FINAL STEP IS IMPORTANT – If not done there will be no image in the Slide Show!


27. Scroll down on your ‘Edit Post’ page – In the bottom right corner click on ‘Set Featured Image’ – this will re-open the library

28. Click on the ‘SAME’ image that you chose for your post – then click ‘Set Featured Image’ – now click ‘Publish’ – YOU’RE DONE!

Coming Soon Instructional Video!


Step C – – Linking To A Video – off-site of!



The above steps may seem complex at first – but they’re not really – try it and you’ll see!

Note:   The second video is set to play first – better quality and I combined the details from the first into the second video



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